Boys Ballet Academy

Boys Ballet Academy

A specialised training in Boys Ballet


Ballet is art, exercise and sport all in one. As the basic foundation for most forms of dance, ballet will improve line, posture, flexibility, alignment and strength. It can also be an outlet, helping to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as being lots of fun.

Dance Workshops

We run frequent dance workshops that are open to any boys (inc non BBA pupils) aged between 4-17yrs. They are a wonderful opportunity for the boys to learn, experience and appreciate an array of dance forms.

Taster Sessions

NEW taster session with our new teacher Mr Paul in our new studio location. We welcome and encourage boys to try a class with us whether they are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, we can accommodate all abilities, and it promises to be lots of fun.

About Us

About Us

Welcome to Boys Ballet Academy

The Boys Ballet Academy is passionate in it’s aim to provide opportunities and spread accessibility for boys in ballet. We offer a fully inclusive, supportive and enjoyable setting for boys aged 4-17yrs who prefer to take dance classes within an all male environment with programmes tailored to focus on male techniques in ballet. We welcome and support boys of all abilities, from a primary to a pre-vocational level and are able to provide guidance, assisting with applications and audition preparation if needed.
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A modern dance pose

Kathak Dance

Break Dancing

External rotation

Body moves


Dance Class Timetable

Our classes run on a fortnightly basis, all year round
Day Total Batches Batches Timing
04 Batches
09am - 11am, 12am - 03pm, 04pm - 06pm, 07pm - 09pm
03 Batches
09am - 11am, 12am - 03pm, 04pm - 06pm
04 Batches
09am - 11am, 12am - 03pm, 04pm - 06pm, 07pm - 09pm
01 Batches
09am - 12am,
04 Batches
09am - 11am, 12am - 03pm, 04pm - 06pm, 07pm - 09pm
02 Batches
09am - 11am, 12am - 03pm,

New Classes for 2022 Coming Soon!

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Posture & deportment

Dance requires strict body alignment for correct form, encouraging boys to have good posture and move with masculine grace.

Discipline & Focus

Dance can provide a great outlet to energetic boys, through this art form their energy can be transformed into something positive.

Strength & Endurance

Boys bring a power and force to dance and a great deal of total body muscular strength is gained through ballet techniques.

Coordination and Balance

Through dance a boy will gain greater control over his body. Continuous fluid movement is also acquired in dance, as well as speedy footwork skills.

Flexibility & Physical fitness

Dance is a physically challenging total body workout, that requires sharp athletic and mental capacities, whilst gaining healthy flexibility

Musicality & Creativity

Dance brings out the creative side in boys and keeps it alive, allowing them to express themselves through movement to music.



Taster Day