Why Ballet is great for boys

Is Ballet just for girls...?

Is Ballet just for girls...? No, definitely not! More girls than boys do ballet, but the ballet that girls do is very different from ballet for men and boys. Male ballet dancers have to be strong and athletic. When scientists tested male ballet dancers against sportsmen, they found that the dancers were fitter and able to keep going for longer. Lots of sports clubs invite Ballet teachers in sometimes to give the players a lesson! It’s great for their balance, agility and core strength.

Male dancers are super strong

Male dancers are incredibly strong and can lift over one to one a half tonnes’ worth of ballerinas during a single performance. That equates to the weight of an average car!

Ballet dancers are incredibly fit

Ballet dancers use enormous amounts of energy during a full performance. In fact, they use the same amount of energy that it would take to run 18 miles or play two full football matches.

So, in conclusion, Ballet is a dance form perfect for men and women.


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