Ballet isn’t just for Girls. Ballet is for boys too!

With the stereotypical images of Ballet portrayed as everything pink, tutu’s, fairies and princesses, it’s no wonder many people consider Ballet to be more of a girls sport. But the reality is, ballet for boys is far from girly. 

It is a highly physically challenging sport which also requires a strong mental focus. This is true for both boys and girls, however, in boys classes, there is the opportunity to focus more on the steps and movements used mainly by male ballet dancers and focus on building the strength that is required of a male ballet dancer.

Did you know……Male dancers are incredibly strong and can lift over one and one a half tonnes’ worth of ballerinas during a single performance. That equates to the weight of an average car!

Ballet is a basic foundation for most forms of dance. It will improve posture and deportment, discipline and focus, strength and endurance, coordination and balance, flexibility and physical fitness, musicality, and creativity. In short, a fantastic range of skills and benefits!

In addition, it can provide an outlet, helping to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as being lots of fun.

Did you know….Ballet dancers use enormous amounts of energy during a full performance. In fact, they use the same amount of energy that it would take to run 18 miles or play two football matches !

Our classes will provide a comfortable, social environment for boys, especially for those starting at a later age. We hope the boys will develop new friendships and social groups.

Taught by a professional and highly regarded inspirational male teacher, we hope our classes will appeal to boys who love to dance or wish to try dance.

With the content of our classes tailored to suit boys, your son may love to start in a ballet class from 4yrs where, with the use of relevant props and costumes, he can dance as a superhero, prince or soldier, or wherever else his imagination takes him!

As they progress through the school we hope they will enjoy the challenge of mastering more complex steps and dances, as well as benefiting from the physical strength and high level of fitness that dance will provide.

And a final thought…….In the dance world, there are thousands of female dancers and only hundreds of men. The dance world is ready, willing and eagerly seeking out male instructors and performers. What parent wouldn’t want to give their child the opportunity to gain these marketable skills?

     Boys Ballet Academy Specialist Training for Boys in Dance