The Benefits of Ballet in Sport

The Benefits of Ballet in Sport

Thanks to the rise in footballers and rugby players using ballet to hone their strength and agility in sport, boys ballet is more popular than ever.

But sadly, there is still a stigma and stereotype associated with boys in ballet, when the reality is, ballet is extremely beneficial to both boys and girls. It’s social, physical, and has many intellectual benefits. Ballet helps to improve in overall fitness and sports performance which puts boys in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Whether it is in a ballet dance class or ballet fitness class, boys can receive significant benefits from ballet. These include:

  • Strength – Ballet strengthens the body without adding bulk. It requires a great deal of leg and arm strength, which is why dancers typically have a more lean appearance.
  • Endurance – As an aerobic exercise, ballet improves endurance.
  • Balance – Ballet is full of jumps, poses and turns, which require good balance. Practicing ballet is the perfect way to improve balance.
  • Speed – Ballet strengthens the legs, knees, and ankles, which helps increase running speeds.
  • Focus – Concentrating on precise movements requires extreme focus.
  • Flexibility – Helps maintain range of motion, strength of muscles, and prevents sports injury.

Practicing ballet is highly beneficial for all type of athletes. And for those who don’t quite fancy donning a pair of ballet shoes, our BBA sports training class is perfect. It is designed with the athlete in mind, focusing on all the above key areas, in a fun, comfortable setting with like-minded boys.