On Sunday 13th October we are running an Acro Dance Workshop with Claudia Ciofaca, founder of Terra Dacia Acrobatic Arts. This is in addition to the boys regular ballet class on this day and we’d love it if your son could join us.

The workshops are open to any boys (inc non BBA pupils) aged between 4-17yrs, so please feel free to spread the word.

Senior 13.00-14.00

Junior: 15.00-16.00

The workshop costs £6.50 per student and is either by BACs or at BBA on Sundays. Parents will be invited in to watch the last 15 mins in of these workshops.

Claudia Ciofaca, founder of Terra Dacia Acrobatic Arts, was an elite gymnast in her hometown of Sibiu, Romania for over 15 years, and achieved a national title in 2002.

Being trained by some of the most recognised Romanian gymnastic coaches, world champions or great Olympians, she had the chance to receive the most authentic Romanian training, whilst being taught to pass on the knowledge and the skills to young gymnasts.

Claudia studied at a Physical Education College and during this time worked as a coaching assistant, involving coaching to some of the future elite gymnasts.

Claudia’s passion for dance, and in particular modern dance, has led her to be involved in choreography work at several public events

Claudia has been inspiring others with her love of dance and acrobatics through teaching classes and workshops to children of all ages over the past few years.

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