About Us

We aim to provide opportunities and spread accessibility for boys in ballet. We offer a fully inclusive, supportive and enjoyable setting for boys aged 4-17yrs who prefer to take dance classes within an all male environment with programmes tailored to focus on the male aspects of ballet. Boys Ballet Academy is a not for profit organisation.

Posture & deportment

Dance requires strict body alignment for correct form, encouraging boys to have good posture and move with masculine grace.

Discipline & Focus

Dance can provide a great outlet to energetic boys, through this art form their energy can be transformed into something positive. Developing a strong sense of self discipline and focus is a key part of learning the art.

Strength & Endurance

Boys bring a power and force to dance and a great deal of total body muscular strength is gained through ballet techniques.

Coordination and Balance

Through dance a boy will gain greater control over his body. Continuous fluid movement is also acquired in dance, as well as speedy footwork skills, valuable skills that not only benefit a dancer but also improve performance in other sports.

Flexibility & Physical fitness

Dance is a physically challenging total body workout, that requires sharp athletic and mental capacities. Whilst gaining healthy flexibility, a boy that dances understands the importance of physical fitness and will be more likely to exercise regularly.

Musicality & Creativity

Dance brings out the creative side in boys and keeps it alive, allowing them to express themselves through movement to music. Boys will develop a sense of performance, musicality, rhythm and timing.