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We aim to provide opportunities and spread accessibility for boys in ballet. We offer a fully inclusive, supportive and enjoyable setting for boys aged 4-17yrs who prefer to take dance classes within an all male environment with programmes tailored to focus on the male aspects of ballet. Boys Ballet Academy is a not for profit organisation.

We are dedicated to delivering a high standard of training through our programmes, which include classes, workshops and dance demonstrations from professionally trained male performers to inspire and engage boys in dance in a way that is fun, encouraging and rewarding for all.

Being active through the arts helps with emotional and physical wellbeing. BBA recognises the importance of providing pupils with not only a 'boys' space' in which to learn dance but also an alternative social group to connect and interact with other young people of shared interests.

More boys than ever before are choosing to take up ballet, yet many still find themselves in the minority within a mixed class, being the only boy can be very off-putting for some. The Boys Ballet Academy caters for this niche through our exclusive boys only programme, where boys can feel welcomed and confident enough to start ballet classes regardless of age or ability.

Research shows that boys learn in a different way to girls and we recognise the need for boys to be trained differently to girls in ballet. A male ballet dancer is required to be very strong and athletic, and as the dancer advances, boys will learn some different steps to girls. Our classes offer the opportunity to focus on and develop these attributes needed to progress the boys with a good understanding of ballet technique tailored to a male dancer.

Many boys who choose to take a ballet class are also athletes who are looking to improve their athletic ability in other sports such as football, rugby and basketball. Ballet is a great way to build up core muscles and improve coordination and flexibility.

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Ways to help
Boys Ballet Academy is a not for profit organisation with the following aims:
●To provide opportunities and spread accessibility for boys in ballet
●Encourage and inspire a diverse range of boys to participate in dance
●Provide a fully inclusive, supportive and enjoyable setting for boys aged 4-17 years to participate in dance classes
●Encourage boys to be active through dance and promote physical and mental well being
●Change the stigma associated with boys in ballet, to promote that it is as much for boys as it is for girls
Any profit raised is continually reinvested into the development of Boys Ballet Academy.
We are very grateful for any donation you may be able to make to help our organisation reach it's aims. Donate to Boys Ballet Academy here.

Posture & deportment

Dance requires strict body alignment for correct form, encouraging boys to have good posture and move with masculine grace.

Discipline & Focus

Dance can provide a great outlet to energetic boys, through this art form their energy can be transformed into something positive. Developing a strong sense of self discipline and focus is a key part of learning the art.

Strength & Endurance

Boys bring a power and force to dance and a great deal of total body muscular strength is gained through ballet techniques.

Coordination and Balance

Through dance a boy will gain greater control over his body. Continuous fluid movement is also acquired in dance, as well as speedy footwork skills, valuable skills that not only benefit a dancer but also improve performance in other sports.

Flexibility & Physical fitness

Dance is a physically challenging total body workout, that requires sharp athletic and mental capacities. Whilst gaining healthy flexibility, a boy that dances understands the importance of physical fitness and will be more likely to exercise regularly.

Musicality & Creativity

Dance brings out the creative side in boys and keeps it alive, allowing them to express themselves through movement to music. Boys will develop a sense of performance, musicality, rhythm and timing.