BBA Anti-bullying policy and procedures

Boys Ballet Academy are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our members so they can participate in dance in a relaxed and secure environment.

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable in our dance school.

If an incident of bullying does occur, all members should be able to feel confident to report it and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person. Bullying results in emotional or physical pain and distress to the victim.

Bullying can be:


  • Emotional (being unfriendly, excluding, tormenting, threatening behaviour)  
  • Verbal (name calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, teasing)  
  • Physical (pushing, kicking, hitting, punching or any use of violence)   
  • Extortion (demanding money/goods with threats)  
  • Cyber (all areas of internet, email and internet chatroom misuse. Mobile threats by text messaging and calls.
  • Misuse of associated technology ie: camera and video facilities including those on mobile phones)  
  • Racist, religious and cultural (taunts, graffiti, gestures)  
  • Sexual (unwanted physical contact, sexually abusive comments)  
  • Homophobic (because of, or focus on the issue of sexuality)  
  • Bullying related to learning difficulties, special educational needs or disabilities

Bullying could take place in the dance studio, changing rooms, toilets, on the journey to and from dance school and online.


Why is it Important to Respond to Bullying?

Bullying hurts.

No one deserves to be a victim of bullying.

Everybody has the right to be treated with respect.

Students who are bullying need to learn different ways of behaving

At Boys Ballet Academy we have a responsibility to respond promptly and effectively to issues of bullying.


If a child bullies another child or children:  

We will intervene to stop the child harming the other child or children.

We will explain to the child who has bullied why their behaviour is inappropriate.

We will give reassurance to the child or children who have been bullied.

We will help the child who has bullied to understand the impact of their actions and to encourage them to apologise.

Where an incident of bullying has occurred we will share and discuss what has happened with the parents/guardians of those involved and initiate a plan of action with them to prevent any further incidents.


At Boys Ballet Academy we believe children will enjoy being in an environment in which they know what is expected of them and where they can develop in a safe environment without fear of harm.

To enforce this we will raise awareness of bullying through talking to the children and encouraging the children to respect each other.


BBA Safeguarding Manager:  Claire Jones 07807 489503.

Reviewed April 2020.