At Boys Ballet Academy (BBA) we offer structured training in a fun and supportive environment. All boys aged between 4-17 yrs are welcome and encouraged to try a class with us whether they are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner. With a nurturing approach, we will allocate the student to a class that is suitable, depending on factors such as age and ability/level.

The classes we offer are of a specialist non-syllabus, yet structured programme, tailored to the male ballet dancer, with the opportunity to focus on male ballet technique and choreography.

Our specialist boys-only classes, taught by a male teacher, are designed to progress the boys with a good understanding of male ballet technique and the develop the attributes required for that of a male ballet dancer.

As the boys progress, they will have the opportunity to participate in the BBA Awards Programme and at each stage, the boys will receive a BBA certificate in recognition of their achievements and development in dance.

Our Worthing classes are taught by Mr Alex Cowie A.I.S.T.D DDE RBS Dip. Alex trained at the prestigious Royal Ballet School White Lodge and Upper School, before embarking on a successful and distinguished career as a male dancer.

Alex is an experienced dance teacher and his qualifications include Ballet Teaching Diplomas in both ISTD’s DDI (Level 3) and DDE (Level 4/5). He is also a qualified and experienced Sports Coach in football, cricket, gymnastics, hockey, and netball, working with primary school children across Sussex.

Primary Ballet 4yrs +

With the emphasis being on fun, and with the use of props, ballet movement is explored through mime and storytelling. Boys are invited to engage in ballet using their imagination through roles such as pirates, soldiers, superheroes and princes! Starting a ballet class is a great way to encourage fitness and develop confidence. In the primary class boys will learn the basics of ballet movements and technique, along with developing a sense musicality, rhythm and timing.

Junior Ballet 7yrs+

With a continued emphasis on fun, in this class boys will begin to progress from basic to more complex steps, at the same time developing their strength, flexibility and musicality. As well as providing a great style of exercise, this class will benefit the boys with a good understanding of ballet technique.

Senior Ballet 11yrs+

On this exciting journey through ballet, and in this dynamic and challenging class, the boys will further develop their ballet technique and performance skills, alongside continually improving their strength and flexibility. Ballet provides a core technique that will also enhance performance in all other styles of dance.

BBA Sports Training 7+yrs

This class is designed with the young athlete in mind, who wishes to improve their athletic ability in other sports through proven techniques used in ballet conditioning. This invaluable class incorporates ballet conditioning exercises, with the use of barres, but without choreographing into dances! Through a program that is physically challenging yet great fun, the boys will develop core strength, endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility skills. Incorporating a class in dance into sports training may be one of the secrets to successful athletic performance in many sports.

All our classes currently run at Dance House Studios in Worthing on Sundays during term times.