Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed our most frequently asked questions below. If there is something you’d like to know which isn’t covered below, please contact us by email or phone. These details can be found below the FAQ’s.


Research shows that boys learn in a different way to girls and we recognise the need for boys to be trained differently to girls in ballet. There are variations in the techniques taught and certain aspects with a greater focus on. A male ballet dancer is required to be very strong and athletic, and as the dancer advances boys will learn some different steps to girls. Where Women practice flexibility, soft upper body movements, and pointe techniques. Men focus on muscle strength, soaring jumps and different turn varieties. Our classes offer the opportunity to focus on and develop these attributes needed to progress the boys with a good understanding of ballet technique tailored to a male dancer. In addition to this some boys prefer to learn to dance in an all male environment where they are not in the minority and alongside other boys with a shared passion for dance.
We will allocate your son to a class that is suitable for him depending on factors such as his age and if he has any previous dance experience. We welcome and encourage all boys to ballet regardless of their age and experience.
Our classes currently run on a Sunday on a termly basis, at dance house studios in Worthing please view our timetable for class timings.
Yes, we encourage all boys to attend a taster session before enrolling. You will need to firstly book in for a taster session and make a one-off payment prior to attending.
Please visit the Uniform section on our website where you will find uniform requirements for both the Ballet classes and BBA Sports training class. We ask that after a pupils first half term they come to class in the correct required uniform.
As long as they are dressed correctly, they'll just need a bottle of water and small towel if they get hot.
We do not have people in watching the class as children tend to focus more without distractions in the room. However we will have a parent viewing day at the end of each term where you are invited in to view the class, it is nice for the boys to be able to show what they have been working on through the course of the term.
As long as you have completed and submitted your sons enrolment form in full, ensuring we have full medical details and emergency contact details you are not required to stay on site whilst they are in class. However please be prompt with collection times. Please note we are cannot be held responsible for your son outside of the studio and his class times.
Our class prices are currently: Primary Ballet Class, 45 mins, £6.30 Junior Ballet Class, 60 mins, £8.40 Senior Ballet Class, 60 mins, £8.40 Fees are paid on a termly basis and must be settled prior to the start of the term. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or Bacs Read more about fee's here
We have decided at the moment to keep our boys ballet classes syllabus free, the reason for this is that if they were to do syllabus work for exams, they would be doing exactly the same work as if they attended a mixed ballet class. This means we can focus far more attention in class to the attributes, steps and strength work that male ballet dancers require, so the work is developed specifically to the boys and the skills/techniques required of them in dance. If we have enough boys enrolled into the school and there is sufficient interest, we would look to run an extra ballet class for those who would like to take exams, in this class they would study the exam syllabus and we could put them forward for ballet exams.